The Lakmahal Community Library is a space to encourage interest in the literary arts and encourage people to engage with the joy of reading. With a collection of over 3000 books spanning several genres, we want to encourage people to expand their reading horizons through access to a wide variety of books.

Located in an old family home, Lakmahal, whose inhabitants shared a love of literature, we hope to create a peaceful environment where anyone can study, work, and create art. We hope to encourage reading, writing, and storytelling with our collection of books, our clubs, and the variety of events we host every month.

Lakmahal Community Library aims to create a long lasting community centred on the creation and appreciation of creative writing and storytelling. We hope to develop Lakmahal as a common public space that cultivates a creative environment for the well being of society and inspires diverse and critical thinking. We aim to provide an array of affordable education, cultural, recreational programing and a diverse collection of books.