Lakmahal Community Library is happy to host Open Brain, a community space for sharing your passions — whatever they are! You’re encouraged to think outside the box of whatever the word art means to you:

  • Demo something you’ve built [tech, handicraft]
  • Run us through your startup, whether it’s in progress or still just an idea
  • Explain a topic that excites you
  • Surprise us!

We also love sharing performance [music, poetry, dance, standup, etc] and other forms of art [illustration, photography, etc] — but the real distinction between Open Brain and an open mic is that there are no limits to what’s shared at the event.

It’s always up to who comes out and what they’re willing to pass along. So join us and bring along something awesome!

There’s no curation, no signup list, no pretence. Just show up and share whenever inspiration strikes!

Open Brain is held at Lakmahal once a month on a Thursday at 6.30PM – keep an eye on our events calendar to find out about the next session!

For more details, contact Viren Parakrama (